Advanced Medical Precision
for Your Practice

Qx’s advanced genomic technologies and team of genomic specialists
support you in the early detection of cancer signals.
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Redefine Cancer Prevention with Genomics

Qx helps you become a leader in precision medicine

Advanced Medical Precision for Your Practice 

Qx’s advanced genomic technologies support you in providing patients with more personalized preventative care.

Redefine What’s Possible in Medicine with Genomics

Emerging precision technologies and AI will be the cornerstone of this transformation reducing the burden of decision making.

Genomics experts at your fingertips

Qx provides you with access to world-leading geneticists and variant curation scientists. Clinical reports are designed for ease of interpretation and actionable insights.

A new standard for comprehensive early detection

Lifestyle related risk

Through a comprehensive medical intake process, we are able to look for signals in a targeted and comprehensive manner in a cutting-edge detection process.

Hereditary genetic risk

By understanding the personal medical history of a patient and combining it with insights into the cancer history of family members, a more accurate cancer risk profile of the patient can be generated.

Genomic variant detection

Our technology allows to profile cell-free DNA fragments and detect cancer-associated genomic variants with single-molecule precision. These genomic variants are not inherited, but somatic variants that occur after birth.

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