An Innovative Approach to
Employee Cancer Screening

With Qx, your organization can take the lead in advancing genomic
cancer protection so you can attract and retain top talent.
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Keep the Health of Your Staff Protected with Qx

Better Health Protection, Lower Costs

Multi-modal screening

Qx combines multiple genomics assays with personal/family history, and screening adherence to provide an overview of cancer risk.

Cell-free DNA detection

Qx uses Quantgene’s DeepGen liquid biopsy technology to detect signals across 50 cancers with single-molecule precision in the blood.

Lower costs

Cancer care has become the top driver of large employers' health care costs due to an increase in late-stage diagnoses. Early stage detection lower costs by over 90% - and is likely to save your employee’s life

Your Benefits Reflect Your Values


Of employers consider the delivery of innovative health benefits to be a key factor in a company’s competitiveness.


Organizations say health benefits demonstrate an organization prioritizes the needs of employees.


Of employers expect health benefits to be an even higher strategic priority than they are today.

How does it work?

Qx works by looking for cancer signals in your blood and assesses your genetic risk

Complete your medical intake and schedule your at-home blood draw1
1Available in all US states except New York

Once your results are ready, we schedule a consultation with a specialized Qx medical professional

Receive a comprehensive risk profile for 50 cancer types and review preventive strategies

A new standard for comprehensive early detection

Lifestyle related risk

Through a comprehensive medical intake process, we are able to look for signals in a targeted and comprehensive manner in a cutting-edge detection process

Hereditary genetic risk

By understanding the personal medical history of a patient and combining it with insights into the cancer history of family members, a more accurate cancer risk profile of the patient can be generated.

Genomic variant detection

Our technology allows to profile cell-free DNA fragments and detect cancer-associated genomic variants with single-molecule precision. These genomic variants are not inherited, but somatic variants that occur after birth.

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