We end cancer
with intelligent genomics

Our solutions use the power of genomics
to translate findings into early cancer signal detection.
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Our Solutions

For Patients

Qx works by combining high-sensitivity genomics with imaging & medical data to identify early cancer signals from a standard blood sample.

For Hospitals

Qi can help you establish and manage state-of-the-art genomics testing infrastructure in your premises, enabling you to offer genomics to your patients, in-house.

Key Milestones


Invested in breakthrough liquid biopsy diagnostics technology*


Master patents filed as a result of 8 years of focused R&D


Patient samples successfully processed in early clinical trials

Hear our partners speak

“I believe Quantgene is a unique group of people with great respect for academic research and extensive knowledge of clinical science. Quantgene has been a great partner to me in my academic clinical research and very helpful in our attempt to improve cancer risk determination in high-risk populations of women”

Dr Setsuko Chambers
Chair, Ovarian Cancer Research

“Quantgene has been pioneering genomics technology at an astonishing pace. I believe the team has built something incredible that can change the future of medicine”

Shea Harrelson
Co-founder, Vikor Scientific

“It’s very rare to come across something with the scale and potential impact of Quantgene. Making genomics intelligent could be a game-changer in not only our fight against cancer but also in our fight with mental health issues, autoimmune and other diseases.”

Jamey Edwards,
Chief Operating Officer

“We use Quantgene’s genomics technology in my clinical research for early cancer detection, and I couldn’t think of a better partner. Using Genomics for early detection is one of the most promising innovation pathways to reduce cancer deaths in America.”

Dr Dan Raz,
Director, Lung & Thoracic Program

Our Mission

Quantgene’s mission is to leverage genomics and intelligence systems to protect human life. Our solutions help patients, physicians and hospitals to easily access genomics and translate findings into true patient protection and better clinical outcomes.

At Quantgene, we develop and integrate the most advanced genomic and precision medicine tools.

Quantgene led the way in single-molecule precision sequencing to detect early signals of tumor DNA in the blood. We merged pharmacogenomics and hereditary cancer assays into a single workflow to increase precision and reduce costs. In medical intelligence, we developed the world's first system that analyzes a wide range of modalities to triangulate cancer signals with higher accuracy.

Today, we keep innovating by leveraging our proprietary genomics, cloud, and intelligence platforms while staying focused on our ultimate goal: to end cancer through early detection and precision oncology.