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Intelligent Genomics for Patients and Hospitals

Our solutions use the power of genomics to translate findings into early cancer signal detection.
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Meet intelligent genomics

Quantgene started in 2015 at UC Berkeley.

8 years later, and $36m invested in R&D,  

We're launching Qx™ and Qi™ genomics platforms, available across the US.1

By combining genomics algorithms with patented high sensitivity diagnostics technology, imaging, and medical data, we offer comprehensive medical intelligence that helps identify early signals of cancer helping patients achieve preventative and targeted clinical outcomes.

1 Except New York.
Our clinical research partners
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Intelligent genomics can end cancer

Qx for Patients
A universal cancer screening solution.

This is achieved by combining high-sensitivity genomics with imaging & medical data to identify early cancer signals using a standard blood sample. Early detection enables preventative interventions and drastically improves survival rates.1

1. An early diagnosis is made only after a healthcare provider reviews confirmatory diagnostic tests and biopsies
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Qi for Hospitals
If you're a hospital, Qi can help you establish and manage state-of-the-art genomics testing infrastructure in your premises, enabling you to offer genomics to your patients, in-house.

Talk to us to know more about bringing Qi to your healthcare facility.
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Trusted by the best in the industry

"I believe Quantgene is a unique group of people with great respect for academic research and extensive knowledge of clinical science. Quantgene has been a great partner to me in my academic clinical research and very helpful in our attempt to improve cancer risk determination in high-risk populations of women."
Dr. Setsuko Chambers
Chair of Ovarian Cancer Research
"We use Quantgene’s genomics technology in my clinical research for early cancer detection, and I couldn’t think of a better partner. Using Genomics for early detection is one of the most promising innovation pathways to reduce cancer deaths in America."
Dr. Dan Raz
Director, Lung & Thoracic Program

What makes breakthrough technology?

At Quantgene, there is no “not invented here “ syndrome. Our only goal is to end cancer by any means necessary. For our research, that means we develop proprietary technologies and when it makes sense; integrate third party components. The result is industry-leading solutions free of vanity and special interests that are optimized to end cancer.

Our breakthrough cfDNA liquid biopsy screening works by identifying early cancer signals in the blood using genomic algorithms.