Orange County, California

"The genetics helped me understand my health in the sense that I don’t know my paternal side of the family; the genetics, the risks, so it filled that gap for me. It gives you a better peace of mind."

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Los Angeles, California

"Quantgene detected my breast cancer at an early stage, and I’m now cancer-free. It was an aggressive Her2 positive tumor so detecting it early saved my life. We need to help more people get access to this. Quantgene Qx should be the standard of care for all Americans.”

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“I believe Quantgene is a unique group of people with great respect for academic research and extensive knowledge of clinical science. Quantgene has been a great partner to me in my academic clinical research and very helpful in our attempt to improve cancer risk determination in high-risk populations of women”

Dr Setsuko Chambers
Chair, Ovarian Cancer Research

“Quantgene has been pioneering genomics technology at an astonishing pace. I believe the team has built something incredible that can change the future of medicine”

Shea Harrelson
Co-founder, Vikor Scientific

“It’s very rare to come across something with the scale and potential impact of Quantgene. Making genomics intelligent could be a game-changer in not only our fight against cancer but also in our fight with mental health issues, autoimmune and other diseases.”

Jamey Edwards,
Chief Operating Officer

“We use Quantgene’s genomics technology in my clinical research for early cancer detection, and I couldn’t think of a better partner. Using Genomics for early detection is one of the most promising innovation pathways to reduce cancer deaths in America.”

Dr Dan Raz,
Director, Lung & Thoracic Program

DEEPGEN® blood assay maintains sensitivity and accuracy above 95% ensuring reliable detection of rare variants

1 Across a range of validated variant allele frequencies (VAFs), including 0.125%, 0.25%, and 0.5%. Even at the lowest VAF tested (0.125%).

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