The World’s first true
Universal Cancer Screening.

Designed to detect signals of all cancers,
at an early stage for executive preventive protection.
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What is Qx?

Qx uses precision genomics, imaging and medical intelligence to detect early signals of over 50 cancer types

Comprehensive genomic testing, including cfDNA liquid biopsy and hereditary cancer risk

Compatible with full-body MRI results from Prenuvo, Ezra and more

Includes at-home blood draw and comprehensive medical evaluation

How does it work?

Qx works by using the world’s most advanced precision diagnostics tools to detect cancers at the earliest stages, when they can be easily treated

Complete your medical intake and schedule your at-home blood draw1
1Available in all US states except New York

Once your results are ready, we schedule a consultation with a specialized Qx medical professional

Receive a comprehensive risk profile for 50 cancer types and review preventive strategies

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Solutions we offer

For Physicians

Partner with us to prescribe Qx to your patients
Qx is the multi-cancer early detection test backed by our proprietary DEEPGEN® technology. Explore how Qx can change your patients' lives.

For Employers

Offer early cancer screening as a benefit to your employees
If you're an employer, Qx can help you provide cutting edge universal cancer screening as a health benefit to your employees.

Qx has changed lives

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"Quantgene detected my breast cancer at an early stage, and
I’m now cancer-free. It was an aggressive Her2 positive tumor
so detecting it early saved my life.
We need to help more people get access to this. Quantgene Qx should be the standard of care for all Americans.”
Ashley G, 36

Don’t wait. Universal Cancer Detection can save your life.

World’s first multi-modal cancer screening

For the first time, Qx combines the world’s most advanced precision diagnostics in a single cancer screening solution so there are no blind spots when it comes to cancer risk.

Industry-leading medical intelligence

Qx uses Quantgene’s medical intelligence system to unify precision data across genomics, imaging, and medical history to triangulate cancer signals with a new level of accuracy

Precise genomic cancer signal detection

Quantgene's DeepGen technology profiles cell-free DNA fragments in the blood and detects cancer-associated variants with industry-leading single molecule precision.

Hear our partners speak

“I believe Quantgene is a unique group of people with great respect for academic research and extensive knowledge of clinical science. Quantgene has been a great partner to me in my academic clinical research and very helpful in our attempt to improve cancer risk determination in high-risk populations of women”

Dr Setsuko Chambers
Chair, Ovarian Cancer Research

“Quantgene has been pioneering genomics technology at an astonishing pace. I believe the team has built something incredible that can change the future of medicine”

Shea Harrelson
Co-founder, Vikor Scientific

“It’s very rare to come across something with the scale and potential impact of Quantgene. Making genomics intelligent could be a game-changer in not only our fight against cancer but also in our fight with mental health issues, autoimmune and other diseases.”

Jamey Edwards,
Chief Operating Officer

“We use Quantgene’s genomics technology in my clinical research for early cancer detection, and I couldn’t think of a better partner. Using Genomics for early detection is one of the most promising innovation pathways to reduce cancer deaths in America.”

Dr Dan Raz,
Director, Lung & Thoracic Program

DEEPGEN® blood assay maintains sensitivity and accuracy above 95%, ensuring reliable detection of rare variants1

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1 Across a range of validated variant allele frequencies (VAFs), including 0.125%, 0.25%, and 0.5%. Even at the lowest VAF tested (0.125%).


What is Qx?

Qx is a series of genomics tests that are combined with an in-depth medical assessment designed to detect over 50 types of cancer signals at the earliest stages.

How can I get the test?

Qx requires a medical professional to approve your order and provide a medical consultation when results are delivered. When you order Qx on the Qx website, these medical services are included in the price.

When will my results be ready?

Your Qx results will be ready within 4-6 weeks after your blood draw.

How does Qx work?

Qx’s medical intelligence engine analyzes your imaging and medical data with our patented liquid biopsy technique to build a risk profile that covers 50 forms of cancer.

Is Qx covered by insurance?

Qx is not covered by standard insurance plans. We are continuously  working on getting Qx covered with standard plans. Currently, Qx is only covered by select executive health plans. If you have an executive health plan, ask whether Qx is covered.

What if my doctor doesn't know about Qx?

Qx is for clinical use only, which means it needs to be prescribed by a healthcare provider. However, you can order Qx directly from the Qx website using Qx providers. You can also fill out our health release form and we will send your provider all of your Qx reports.

Do I need to fast before the draw?

No, you don’t need to fast before the blood draw. Please ensure you are adequately hydrated for your blood collection.

Can I use my HSA/FSA to pay for Qx?

Yes, you can use both HSA and FSA to pay for Qx.