The Promise of Prevention:
Early Detection Saves Lives

This is true across all major disease categories, including cancer, inflammatory,
neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, and metabolic conditions, and more.

Common Cancers: 5-year Survival
Rates by Disease Stage



Note: Pancreatic cancer data are estimates based on the average 5-year survival rates for exocrine and neuroendocrine cancer types.

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Leading the World in Single-Molecule
Cell-Free DNA Profiling

The field of genomics offers vast potential for improving preventive medicine by using genomic mutations to profile and detect cancer and a wide range of inflammatory, neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, and metabolic conditions, and more.

Until now, screening approaches have looked for simple sets of one-dimensional biomarkers such as proteins and single mutations. By contrast, the Quantgene Platform generates a vastly deeper and broader insight into the mutational landscape of cell-free DNA with unrivaled single-molecule precision. Instead of looking at single markers, Quantgene generates millions of high-precision data points to profile every single copy of DNA in a blood sample.

With every patient sample processed, Quantgene’s machine learning framework increases its accuracy in identifying clinical conditions. The world’s largest database of mutational cancer patterns across tens of thousands of patients serves as the basis for the deepest and most comprehensive pattern recognition technology in cancer detection:







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The Future of Preventive Medicine: Single-Molecule Footprints for Every Disease to Unlock Early Detection and Maximum Protection

Cell-Free DNA
Processing With

Every drop of blood contains fragments of DNA from cells that have died, known as cell-free DNA (cfDNA).

When inflammation or disease is present, these fragments of cfDNA can carry specific mutations—collectively, these mutations deliver a unique footprint for each condition.

Quantgene’s single-molecule precision sequencing platform is the first technology to provide molecule-by-molecule insight across tens of thousands of genomic DNA positions, enabling detection of the smallest possible trace of disease at the earliest stage.

Mutational Pattern

Quantgene has analyzed tens of thousands of patient samples to establish baseline mutational patterns for different types of diseases, including many of the most prevalent cancers.

Matrices of genomic DNA markers are collected in high-resolution data tables, enabling sophisticated statistical comparisons across samples to reveal patterns indicative of disease type, stage, and tissue of origin.


Disease Profiling
and Early Detection

Quantgene uses its proprietary machine learning framework to uncover patterns of mutations, becoming more sophisticated and precise with every new sample processed.

This enables continuous improvement across complex patterns of genomic biomarkers and patient profiles, resulting in significantly improved accuracy of disease detection and profiling.

Single-molecule precision makes it much more likely that mutations can be detected well before symptoms appear, enabling earlier diagnosis of many diseases with potentially significant effects on outcomes.