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The Future of Early Cancer Detection is Coming

Quantgene Serenity™ is a system to help guide your physician in early cancer detection. Serenity enables your doctor to screen for multiple forms of cancer from just one blood draw.

Innovative Early Detection Technology

Serenity combines precision sequencing with artificial intelligence to detect very small traces of cancer-related mutations in the blood. This is a new way to screen for cancer using cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from a simple blood draw.

Clinical Validation

Serenity has been studied in one of the largest cfDNA clinical trials across 15 cancer types and 13 leading oncology centers in the US, Germany and Switzerland.

Delivered By Experts

Expert physician support is at the core of Serenity. From answering questions to interpreting your results, Serenity is by your side.

Current Screening Options Can Fall Short

While some advances have been made, standard cancer screening methods like colonoscopies or mammograms can be invasive, costly and are not always able to detect cancer at its earliest stages. And for some common cancers, there is no screening option available at all [5]

Even hereditary DNA tests can only provide the likelihood of cancer based on your genetic make-up, but they can’t tell you the range of cancer-related mutations that are present in your body at this moment [6].

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Detect Cancer Early
with a Single Blood Draw

Finding cancer early gives patients the highest chance of survival. Serenity allows physicians to screen for multiple forms of cancer without dangerous, invasive procedures. The technology has been studied in one of the most extensive cell-free-DNA trials in leading oncology centers, and its laboratory process is undergoing CLIA approval for clinical use. Everything from answering your questions to interpreting your results is backed by expert physician support.

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