Quantgene launches next-generation mobile laboratories for rapid COVID RT-PCR testing across all US states.

April 13, 2021

SANTA MONICA, Calif., April 13th, 2021- Quantgene, a Santa Monica, CA, and Berlin, Germany-based biotechnology, cloud, and AI company, today announced the launch of its next-generation mobile laboratory COVID testing technology across all US states.

The company’s turnkey COVID testing solution uses its mobile laboratory technology to allow companies and entertainment productions to achieve greatly enhanced reliability and turnaround times for time-critical testing. It uses FDA / EUA approved RT-PCR tests but reduced the industry average turnaround time from multiple days to consistently 24 hours or less, with 99.5% of all samples processed delivered within less than one day.

Quantgene’s capabilities have made it the nation’s leading solution for critical applications such as movie productions and time-sensitive workplace testing, with tens of thousands of samples completed, over $46 in damages avoided, and the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.

“With the next generation of Quantgene’s unique mobile laboratory technology, we had two goals in mind: significantly reduce costs for our customers and increase availability across all US states”, says Jo Bhakdi, CEO of Quantgene.

Quantgene’s next-generation mobile laboratories improve workflows, allowing for tens of thousands of samples to be tested daily, and further improve integration with the company’s COVID cloud technology.

“Our engineering question was: how close can bring sample accessioning and reporting times to zero? With the next generation of our COVID PROTECT laboratory technology, we got significantly closer to this ambitious goal. We are excited to bring COVID PROTECT to more workplace and production testing and allow our customers to get even better COVID protection at lower prices at any US location”, adds Jo Bhakdi.

Quantgene COVID PROTECT is used by major production studios, the travel industry, and major employers throughout the United States.


About Quantgene

Quantgene is a precision medicine company headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, and Berlin, Germany, with clinical sites across Europe and the US. Quantgene’s mission is to extend the healthy human lifespan by 10 years within 10 years. Quantgene is the world leader in reliable and scalable same-day COVID RT PCR testing and has become the nation’s leading solution for COVID workplace and entertainment production testing.