Quantgene Closes $6.4 Million Convertible Note as They Finalize the Development of Serenity, a Premium Preventative Care System

May 7, 2020

Successful raise helps to conclude the R&D phase to bring advanced cancer protection to its members.

SANTA MONICA, Calif., May 7th, 2020 — Quantgene, a leader in deep genomics, AI and preventative care, recently announced the closing of a $6.4 million convertible note. This comes at a time of great economic upheaval amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and is a testament to the dedication of the company and its investors.

Quantgene is using the proceeds to finalize the development of Serenity, a premium preventative care system that utilizes Quantgene’s world-leading deep genomics technology, DEEPGEN, to detect multiple cancers at early stages in the blood.

Serenity will provide patients with access to its proprietary cancer-detection technology, which utilizes liquid biopsies, advanced cell-free DNA genomic sequencing, and novel AI/machine learning software. This system will provide enhanced detection capabilities across multiple cancers with one single blood draw.

Quantgene’s strategic mission is summarized in its credo “A decade within a decade” - the ambition to extend its members’ average lifespan by 10 years within the next 10 years. To reach this goal, the company has developed a preventative care system that combines dedicated specialists with advanced medical technologies to detect, prevent, and treat the most common chronic diseases, starting with cancer.

Upon launch, Serenity is planning to incorporate a tiered approach, offering highly-customizable options in a patient-centric model.

“Today, our medical system falls short in protecting our health in three ways: a lack of time and focus from physicians on your case; delays in bringing advanced technologies into clinical practice; and a lack of protecting health rather than treating disease when it’s too late. With Serenity, we offer a better system that fixes these problems to keep us safer,” said Jo Bhakdi, co-founder and CEO of Quantgene.

Serenity is preparing to launch with three offerings: BASELINE, GENETICS, and PROTECT. Through these offerings, members can access genetic counseling, hereditary cancer-risk assessment, pharmacogenetic testing, telehealth physician guidance, and premium somatic mutation detection. Members can choose their preferred combination of offers and then are guided through the process by Serenity’s trained medical experts to gain a deeper insight into their cancer risk status, including the identification of early-stage tumors.

Treatment revolving around symptom management has proven to grossly under-serve patients, and now, more advanced technologies are emerging as a possible solution. This has opened up incredible potential for progress, progress that patients will be given the opportunity to directly benefit from through Serenity.

“The greatest value we can provide to our members is peace of mind,” Bhakdi said. “By combining advanced medical technology with premium preventative care, we can add significantly to our members’ health protection.”


Quantgene is building the future of medicine by engineering the most advanced scientific and technological innovations that unlock the Deep Human Genome. Quantgene combines world-leading deep genome sequencing technology with its advanced AI infrastructure to detect mutational patterns of disease at early stages in the blood.

With $13MM raised so far, Quantgene is well on its way to disrupting the healthcare paradigm and establishing LA as a hub for tech and medical innovation. By offering up this proprietary technology for clinical use, Quantgene is working to extend its member’s healthy lifespan by 10 years within the next 10 years.

For more information, please visit: https://www.quantgene.com/ .

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