Quantgene CEO, Jo Bhakdi, Recognized by California State Senate for Leadership in Tech

March 3, 2020

Quantgene's Founder and CEO, Jo Bhakdi, was recognized by the California State Senate’s Ben Allen with the Heart Centered TECH Leadership Award on Tuesday. 

“Heart Centered TECH is an organization that recognizes outstanding contributions and achievement among technology leaders who are improving the world through ethical business practices and community engagement.” 

Heart Centered TECH’s goals align well to Quantgene’s mission of engineering the most innovative technologies to help solve the biggest issues in medicine today. Bhakdi commented, “we have an amazing explosion of technology and it's not getting into healthcare, especially not on a medical level. When it comes to hard medical technology, there is a widening gap between what we could do and what we do. Quantgene is all about closing that gap. We are following one big vision and that is to invent, build and deploy the future of precision preventive medicine." 

Furthermore, Quantgene is committed to solidifying Los Angeles as an innovation hub for healthcare and life sciences. The company is spearheading several initiatives to this end. They host and sponsor monthly meetings for founders of health innovation companies. They have opened up their Santa Monica offices to aspiring health Entrepreneurs as a co-working space. And they are building a robust talent pipeline to attract top-notch engineering talent to LA. Bhakdi and Quantgene are honored to receive Senator Allan’s recognition for these efforts. 


Quantgene is a biotechnology company based in Santa Monica with offices in Berlin Germany. Quantgene’s mission is to build the future of medicine by engineering  the most advanced scientific and technological innovations that unlock the deep human genome. 

Quantgene started in 2015 in a small UC Berkeley Lab under the leadership of Jo Bhakdi. His hypothesis was that most disease can be detected far earlier by introducing quantitative science and a new level of precision into medical practice. Since then, the company has spent over 4 years building the industry’s best team of pioneers and developing the GRIFFIN Deep Genomics platform. 

GRIFFIN combines extreme precision sequencing, software and AI technologies to profile cell-free DNA (cfDNA) fragments with unprecedented depth and precision. In 2016, Quantgene launched its first clinical feasibility trial which continues today with the goal of adding 10,000 patient samples to the GRIFFIN platform by 2020.