Quantgene and Vikor Scientific Partner to Launch Serenity​™​ -- Ground-Breaking Advancement in Precision Genomics, Personalized Medicine

February 17, 2021

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Feb. 17, 2021 - Vikor Scientific, a leading, molecular diagnostics company with a rapidly expanding nationwide footprint, has announced a strategic investment in Quantgene Inc. to accelerate the commercialization of Quantgene’s flagship product, Serenity​TM​. Serenity  provides world-leading accuracy in precision genomics and AI-enabled personalized preventative care.

Quantgene’s Serenity combines advanced next-generation sequencing with proprietary cloud and AI  technology to uncover deeper and more meaningful health insights earlier. Serenity will launch with  four core components of health protection:  

  • Liquid biopsy to detect cancer-related mutations in the blood to support early detection
  • Deep genomic sequencing across all 20,000 genes for a more complete picture of disease, medication and lifestyle risks
  • In-depth patient health profiles including health history, family history and lifestyle to bring more context to test results
  • An expert clinical team to provide analysis and connect patients to a network of world-leading medical experts

The combination of these components will allow the system to detect, flag and monitor disease and disease  risk at earlier stages. Early intervention for potentially fatal conditions like cancer is critical to ensuring better  treatment response and long-term outcomes. This is a critical advancement in marrying medicine and  technology to ensure the company realizes their mission  of extending the average lifespan of members by a  decade within a decade.

In addition to ensuring the successful launch of Serenity commercially, the new partners have plans to launch  several downstream liquid biopsy-based clinical oncology products including minimum residual disease detection  (“MRD”), recurrence monitoring and companion diagnostics over the next several months. Vikor Scientific  will leverage their proven commercialization engine for innovative molecular diagnostics technologies and  leverage their growing national salesforce in service of the new product roll-outs. 

Shea Harrelson, co-founder of Vikor Scientific said of the new partnership: “In Quantgene, Vikor saw a compelling opportunity to support the  commercialization of advanced genomics in the service of preventative care and positively impacting the course of many chronic diseases, starting with cancer. This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission as a company - to improve patient outcomes and prevent unnecessary healthcare costs and delays in treatment by improving diagnostic accuracy, reducing turnaround time and personalizing treatment options.” 

Scotty Branch, co-founder of Vikor Scientific added: “Changing the paradigm of healthcare has always been the vision for Vikor Scientific. The platform built by the Quantgene team is revolutionary and certain to accelerate the speed at which we diagnose and treat patients for cancer. Vikor is excited to lead the commercialization and expand on our mission of driving clinical outcomes. And we are particularly excited to do so here in Charleston, South Carolina, where we envision a dynamic future for innovation, growth and expansion of the booming life sciences hub here in the Palmetto State.”

“With Serenity, we are first-to-market in combining liquid biopsy cancer detection with whole exome  sequencing and advanced medical intelligence. We hope to unlock a new era in medicine in which  trained physicians can detect multiple cancers at early stages in the blood with single molecule precision.” added Jo Bhakdi, founder and CEO of Quantgene. “Serenity brings genomic technologies to patients within an innovative system of preventative care that we believe will set a new standard in patient-centered personalized medicine. We are excited to take this important step with our partners at Vikor Scientific.” 

To Learn more, please visit ​Quantgene.com​ and ​ChooseSerenity.com​
Quantgene, a Los Angeles, CA and Berlin, Germany based biotech startup, is building the future of  medicine by combining Deep Genomics, Cloud and AI to deliver the next level of precision preventative medicine. 

With $19MM in capital raised to date and positive cash flows, Quantgene has taken a major step  towards disrupting the current, out-moded healthcare paradigm and is helping to establish Los  Angeles and South Carolina as leading centers in genomics-based medical innovation. By  developing and deploying some of the most advanced genomics, cloud and AI technologies for clinical use, Quantgene is moving medicine closer to its goal: to extend the healthy human lifespan by 10 years within the next 10 years.