Quantgene and CureMatch Announce Strategic Partnership To Help Cancer Patients Find the Best Precision Treatment

March 24, 2021

SANTA MONICA, Calif., March 24th, 2021 - Quantgene, Inc. and CureMatch, Inc. have announced a strategic partnership to combine genomic, cloud and AI technologies and improve precision treatments and long-term outcomes for patients diagnosed with cancer.

Quantgene Liquid uses blood samples of cancer patients to help provide a systemic understanding of the mutational profiles of a tumor, also known as a “Liquid Biopsy”. Liquid Biopsies allow physicians to understand the mutational status of tumors without being limited to just a biopsy from a specific part of the tumor. By profiling cell-free DNA fragments in the blood, Quantgene Liquid allows better insights into both primary and metastatic tumors. Quantgene Liquid’s technology is a highly accurate and precise cancer mutation detection system.

The CureMatch Decision Support System provides actionable intelligence to oncologists. CureMatch supports the doctor with therapy options matched specifically to a patient’s unique molecular tumor profile. The clinical decision support system leverages proprietary algorithms, as well as curated clinical and scientific knowledge, and provides a matching score to help doctors identify combination and monotherapies for optimal cancer treatment.

By combining both technologies, patients and oncologists can now get access to a turnkey solution that requires just a simple blood draw to match them to appropriate cancer therapies. Cancer patients can get results in as little as 3 weeks from a blood draw, to a Quantgene test result1 to a CureMatch report that informs their precision treatment. 

In addition to ensuring a successful combination of these two products, the companies will collaborate more closely on advancing Genomics and AI-guided oncology solutions.

Jo Bhakdi, founder and CEO of Quantgene said of the partnership: “Deep Genomics and AI can be a game-changer for cancer patients. New combination treatments can significantly improve outcomes. But sadly until now, the majority of patients didn’t have access to the genomics and AI technologies required to get there. Together with CureMatch, we can make precision treatment insights available to everyone through a simple blood draw.”

Navid Alipour, CEO of CureMatch added, “We are honored and excited to integrate with Quantene’s innovations. Their ability to unlock the human genome and further inform our decision support system for oncology, complements the CureMatch precision medicine solution and supports our mission of helping to extend and save lives.” 

To Learn more, please visit Quantgene.com and CureMatch.com.


About Quantgene

Quantgene, a Los Angeles, CA and Berlin, Germany based biotech startup, is building the future of medicine by combining Deep Genomics, Cloud and AI to deliver the next level of precision preventative medicine. 

With $20MM in capital raised, Quantgene has achieved cash flow positivity and rapid growth in record time. Its genomics platforms and business model innovations continue to redefine the possibilities for precision medicine and set new industry standards. 

By delivering the world’s most advanced genomics, cloud and AI technologies, Quantgene is moving closer to its goal: To extend the healthy human lifespan by 10 years within the next 10 years. Quantgene.com

About CureMatch

CureMatch, a San Diego, CA company, is a leader in precision medicine digital solutions. Created to empower oncologists with world-class research, the CureMatch Decision Support System supports the doctor with therapeutic options that are personalized for individual patients based on the molecular profile of their tumor. www.CureMatch.com