We are Quantgene

Quantgene is a team of pioneers dedicated to the mission of defeating cancer. We are clinicians, technologists, data scientists and business innovators coming together to change the future of medicine.

We are Quantgene

Quantgene is a team of pioneers dedicated to the mission of defeating cancer. We are oncologists, clinicians, technologists, data scientists and business innovators coming together to change the future of medicine.
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Software & machine Learning

Robert Kunze
/ Director of Engineering

Robert is responsible for Quantgene's software infrastructure and architecture to integrate clinical, laboratory and machine learning.

Robert brings 17 years experience from the e-commerce sector, having worked with large global brands such as Columbia Sportswear, Tory Burch, Alexander Wang, S.Oliver and many more to connect their complex system landscapes into one coherent and efficiently working whole. Most recently, he worked at Mobizcorp Europe, a leading Salesforce Commerce Cloud partner, as Director of Engineering. Robert led a technical evolution to establish 24/7 Support, Security and Performance Audit services. He also helped to lead the development of mentorship and training programs within the company.

Robert has an M.Sc. in Software Engineering from Freie University of Berlin.

Pablo Gómez, PhD
/ Machine Learning Research

Dr. Gómez performs R&D on Quantgene's pattern recognition challenges. His has extensive expertise in machine learning, statistics and software development.

Prior to his work at Quantgene Dr. Gómez was a Researcher at the University Hospital Erlangen where he conceived, developed and implemented several deep learning approaches for processing high-speed for the diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders. Additionally he initiated and coordinated an international collaboration to create the largest high-speed videoendoscopy dataset publicly available.

Dr. Gómez received his PhD from the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg. He holds a M.Sc. and B.Sc. in computer science from the Technical University Munich.

Stefan Budach
/ Neural Nets and AI

Stefan is working on Quantgene’s machine learning solution for early cancer detection. As a trained bioinformatician he has extensive and long-standing knowledge of genomics data analysis.

Prior to joining Quantgene, Stefan was a researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin where he developed machine learning models for the detection of protein-RNA interactions and for the prediction of cancer-related genes. Most notably, his work focused on the interpretability of deep learning approaches to uncover and to explain why a certain prediction has been made. Stefan holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Bioinformatics from the Free University of Berlin.

Larry Zhou
/ Data Science

Larry is a Data Scientist at Quantgene and is responsible for collecting, cleaning, and analyzing data. With a background in Data Science, he processes data which is fed into predictive models and machine learning algorithms.

Prior to joining Quantgene, Larry attended the University of California, Berkeley, where he received a B.A. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Economics.

Bogdan Lefter
/ Software Engineer

Bogdan is responsible for writing the software required in Quantgene's products, be it complex Viewing and Editing interfaces, websites, User Experience analysis or building subtle, efficient, ways of consuming the ever-growing amount of data.

He brings a combined experience of over 12 years of software engineering, e-commerce development, user experience know-how and gamification strategy.Driven by the Idea and then the tools, he created and implemented a unique game world, built e-commerce businesses while also developing problem-solving software solutions that still help hundreds of businesses all around the world.

Bogdan has B.Sc. in Computer Science from A.I. Cuza University, Iasi


Sebastian Pfeil, PhD
/ Bioinformatics

Sebastian provides biointelligence to Quantgene's DEEPSEQ pipeline and is responsible for the development and implementation of effective alignment, variant calling and noise cancelation strategies. As part of Quantgene's pattern recognition unit, he is working on expanding the portfolio to include other tumor entities and diseases.

He brings combined experience of over 11 years from the fields of genomics, data analysis and oncology. Before joining Quantgene, he worked in the research department of pedeatric oncology at Charite Berlin on a translational project to identify molecular targets  using NGS data sets in neuroblastoma. During his PhD, Sebastian worked at the Leibniz Institute for Molecular Pharmacology on the development of paharmacologically active substances to transiently modulate the blood-brain barrier.

Sebastian has a PhD in biochemistry from the Free University of Berlin.

Bernd Timo Hermann, PhD
/ Quantitative Genomics

Bernd is responsible for the data driven evaluation and optimization of Quantgene' DEEPSEQ pipeline, including the utilized panel of primer and genomic targets. He is also part of the pattern recognition unit and identifies new patterns in patient data using statistical analysis.

Before joining Quantgene, Bernd completed his doctoral thesis at the Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research (GEOMAR) where he investigated the impact of chronic stress on fish species – a interdisciplinary field of research, combing different themes such as animal welfare, climate change, physiology and biomarker evaluation. With additional experience in the biotech industry, he gained a strong background in molecular biology, particularly in the handling and analysis of omics data. This expertise was fostered by the completion of advanced trainings in bioinformatics and data analysis.

Bernd has a PhD in biology from the Christian-Albrechts-University (CAU) in Kiel, Germany

Nicole Groenke, PhD
/ Bioinformatics

Nicole is part of the pattern recognition unit in Berlin. She is experienced in developing NGS data pipelines for alignments and variant calling. Nicole analyzes patient’s data generated with Quantgenes DEEPSEQ pipeline using various statistical methods and is responsible for the identification of patterns in patient’s data to enable cancer detection.

Prior to joining Quantgene, Nicole did her PhD in virology at the Free University of Berlin. During her PhD she worked on the vaccine development for influenza A and other viruses and studied different virus populations using NGS data.


Petra Gambon Stow
/ Clinical Research Coordination

Petra is responsible for the data management and the sample collection for Quantgene's feasibility study at the University Hospital Geneva. She also works closely with executive management to strategize and execute clinical trials.

Her qualifications include:
- Certificate of Advanced Studies, Study Coordinator, Clinical Research 1, Bâle, Switzerland
- Qualified Training Practitioner (Certificate of Advanced Studies) 2010,
- Study coordinator at the visceral surgical department, obesity surgery at the Hospital University of Geneva, Switzerland

Nivi Rajendiran
/ Biointelligence

Nivi is responsible for developing and expanding Quantgene’s mutation panels for early cancer detection. She also performs R&D for new projects/products.

Prior to joining Quantgene, Nivi has worked in other roles within the biological field. She has experience with in vivo research, using mice as a model to study the role of extracellular matrix in fighting respiratory infections. She also has experience in computational biology, developing a novel Python-based system to better visualize MD simulations of proteins.

Nivi has a B.S. in Molecular Biology (Cellular and Developmental) and minor in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh.

Samuel Schaible
/ Clinical Team Technical Advisor

Samuel is currently working on the technical development of Quantgene's core product and its clinical application. He is also advising the clinical team. Samuel is a final year medical student and is completing his clerkships in Heidelberg, Stanford and Munich University Hospitals. He has studied clinical medicine in Heidelberg and Karolinska University Stockholm.

His interest in molecular biology and his experience in clinical medicine have brought him to Quantgene, where he works at the intersection of both.

Business Operations

Jennifer Freiling
/ Senior Director, Marketing

Jennifer is responsible for Quantgene’s marketing strategy, planning and implementation across corporate, employer and product brands. She manages the marketing team and is working to build out the department structure as the company continues to grow.

Jennifer brings with her 14 years of healthcare marketing and advertising experience. She has deep expertise in strategic patient-centric marketing having worked with world-leading companies including Gilead, J&J, Merck, Sanofi and Lilly. She has also led the launch of several pharmaceutical brands including Cialis for BPH, Sanofi’s insulin Toujeo and the omni-channel support platform for Gilead’s Hepatitis C portfolio. Most recently, Jennifer held the role of Group Account Director at Wunderman Health overseeing multiple pieces of business with a focus on data-driven marketing.

Jennifer spent 9 years growing up in Tokyo Japan; an experience that has added to her understanding of diversity and nuance in her work. Jennifer has a B.A. in Psychology from Columbia University’s Barnard College.

Anders Bill
/ Strategic Partnerships

Anders is in charge of strategic partnerships at Quantgene with a focus on both commercial and clinical channels. Anders takes a multifactorial approach to building Quantgene's industry rapport while focusing on growth. His software and community building experience as the founder of a handful of technology startups adds an entrepreneurial approach to business development.

Anders studied economics at Boston College and the London School of Economics and enjoys surfing and cooking in his free time.

Ava Iranmanesh
/ Operations Manager

Ava is responsible for several operational components of the Serenity launch. Ava is working onmanaging the development of the Artificial Intelligence pattern-matching technology behind Serenity as well as quality controlling sample data processes of Quantgene’s deep genomics machine to ensure highest performance.

Ava received her BS in Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has prior internship experience in Robotics, Software Engineering, Consulting and Operations as well as research experience in a number of teams at MIT Media Lab, MIT Engineering Labs, UCLA PBPL and USC RTH laboratory. She was a student mentor for the Mechanical Engineering department at MIT and a member of MIT Hyperloop.

Rachel Strohmeyer
/ PR & Social Media Manager

Rachel is responsible for media strategy and relations at Quantgene. Her acumen in the field allows her to leverage relationships with various outlets in order to spread awareness about Quantgene and the connected brands. She organizes speaking engagements, media mentions, publication of articles, blog posts, podcasts, and more to present relevant and vital information to the public regarding the company's mission.

Rachel's journalism, sales, and marketing experience paired with her fascination for biological innovation all harmoniously come together in her current role. Rachel received her bachelor's degree in journalism, strategic communications, and political science at the University of Missouri. In her free time, she loves hiking, reading, and experimenting with healthy recipes in the kitchen.

Kristin Bayle
/ Designer

Kristin is the steward of Quantgene and Serenity's visual identities. She works on cross-channel deliverables that covery our brand, and messaging in the most compelling way possible.

Kristin attended Woodbury University where she immersed herself in the study of design principles and received a B.A. in Graphic Design.

Carlo Anacta
/ Designer

Carlo is the steward of Quantgene and Serenity's digital presence and experiences. He works on creating and developing solutions across digital channels.

Driven to connect the lines between design and development, Carlo trained on being able to understand both graduating with a B.A. in Graphic Design at California State University Northridge and Coding Bootcamp at UCLA Extension.

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