Detect 8 Cancers Earlier With 1 Blood Draw

Make Serenity™ a powerful addition to your current cancer prevention plan.

Serenity is the first blood test that guides your doctor in the early detection of 8 cancers with single-molecule precision. Adding Serenity to your doctor’s recommended screening routine can help to ensure you have the most comprehensive protection from cancer:

8 Cancers, 1 Test

Detect 8 common cancers at early stages in the blood.


Blood-based, noninvasive testing with Serenity gives you the opportunity to test more frequently, so you can keep a close eye on signs of cancer mutations.

Single-Molecule Precision

Serenity has the power to detect a single molecule of cancer DNA, which means you have the power to catch cancer before symptoms ever appear.

Why is it important to be proactive about cancer?

Each one of us has a 38% chance of developing cancer in our lifetime. And close to 1,700 lives could be saved each year from better cancer prevention. 

In addition to following a healthy lifestyle, a critical factor in cancer prevention and protection is detecting it early through routine screening and testing (including colonoscopies, mammograms, pap smears, etc). In fact, when cancers are detected earlier (stages 1 and 2), the five-year likelihood of survival goes up by 80% compared to when cancers are detected later stage (stages 3 and 4).

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How do standard screening tests help protect me from cancer?

You should follow your doctor’s recommendations for routine screening like colonoscopies for colon cancer, PSA for prostate cancer, skin exams for melanoma, CA-125 and mammograms for breast cancer, pap smears for cervical cancer, etc.

It’s important to have a set plan with your doctor for cancer screening tests and procedures. Doing these tests on a routine basis helps to ensure you're screening for cancer early, before symptoms appear and the disease has become harder to treat.

This is especially important once you're over 45 years old or if you have any family (cancer or cancer genes) or lifestyle factors (excess weight, smoking, sun exposure, etc) that may increase your risk of cancer.

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Why is Serenity a good option in addition to standard screening test?

While some advances have been made, standard cancer screening methods like colonoscopies or mammograms can be invasive and are not always able to detect cancer at the molecular level. And, for some common cancers, there's no screening option available at all. 

Serenity is the first blood test that guides physicians in the early detection of 8 cancers with single-molecule precision.

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Serenity is the first test that helps guide physicians in detecting 8 cancers at early stages in the blood. In fact, Serenity can precisely identify a single molecule of cancer DNA. So you can take a proactive approach with routine monitoring of cancer mutations.

The Future of Early Cancer Detection is Coming in 2020

Finally, take your health into your own hands. Be the first to know when Serenity is available. 

Clinical Validation

Serenity has been studied in one of the largest cfDNA clinical trials across 15 cancer types and 13 leading oncology centers in the US, Germany, and Switzerland.

Delivered by Experts

From answering questions to interpreting your results, Serenity is by your side with expert physician support.

Innovative Early Detection Technology

Serenity combines precision sequencing with artificial intelligence to detect very small traces of cancer-related mutations in the blood. This is a new way to screen for cancer using cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from a simple blood draw.

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