Answers Hidden in our DNA: Cancer on the Molecular Level

Wednesday, April 15th
Presenting at 12:00 & 6:00 PM PT

Join us for a discussion about how cancer manifests on the molecular level. The implications are wide-reaching and inform your genetic cancer risks as well as the future of early cancer detection. You'll learn:

  • How Cancer is caused by mutations in our DNA
  • Two key categories of mutations and how each informs your cancer risk profile
  • Life-extending innovations made possible by cancer's molecular origins
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Your Presenters

Jo Bhakdi

Jo Bhakdi is the founder and CEO of Quantgene. His work in machine learning, sequencing technology, and DNA extraction procedures defines the cutting edge of genomic diagnostics, early disease detection, and precision medicine.

Monika Hagen, MD

Monika E. Hagen, MD, MBA is the Chief Medical Officer of Quantgene and a board certified General Surgeon, specializing in bariatric surgery. Trained in Germany, Switzerland, and the United States, she has over a decade of experience as a medical doctor, academic surgeon, teacher, medical device expert, and clinical trial specialist.