The Griffin Deep Genomics Platform

Combining Deep Genomic sequencing and AI to detect disease down to a single molecule.
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The Griffin Deep Genomics Platform

Combining Deep Genomic sequencing and AI to detect disease down to a single molecule.

The Deep Human Genomeo

When a disease is developing in the body, the affected cells die and shed into the bloodstream. Life-threatening diseases like cancer leave a unique combination of mutations in the DNA of these dead cells. By investigating every single copy of cell-free DNA in a blood sample, we can gain a uniquely deep and comprehensive insight into the body’s current health status. 

We call this comprehensive dataset the DEEP HUMAN GENOME.

To-date, no available technology has been able to fully utilize the life-saving information contained within the Deep Human Genome.

How THe griffin platform Unlocks the deep Human genomeo

Get answers to basic science, disease, and translational research questions relating to the Deep Human Genome, monitor response to therapies, and discover new prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers.

Quantgene offers the world’s only comprehensive Deep Genome research platform for academic research, pharma R&D and life science entrepreneurs: from sample sourcing over assay development, mutation detection systems to AI disease pattern recognition.

Research and R&D with DEEPGEN

The Deepgen™ Platform.

The Deep Human Genome is now accessible to researchers in pharma, biotech and academia through Quantgene’s proprietary DEEPGEN™ research platform.

The platform can be used to detect diseases, including deadly chronic diseases like cancer, far earlier than before – resulting in prevention and better cures that can save hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

Research and R&D with DEEPGEN

In one of the most comprehensive cfDNA studies ever conducted, we are on track to collect close to 10,000 patient blood samples across multiple clinical sites in the US and Europe. Through partnerships with pharmaceutical R&D, Oncology departments and new early detection products, our clinical data pipeline continues to grow and provides us with valuable insights into early cancer detection patterns.

Laboratory and Deep Sequencing

Quantgene’s technology is the world’s most advanced turnkey solution to unlock the Deep Human Genome information in blood samples through a redesigned deep sequencing process. Using standard 10ml blood samples, it profiles the mutational patterns in every single copy of DNA across a wide range of locations known to be important in cancer. Our limit of detection, including technical sensitivity and specificity, is validated at 1/1000 genome copies, better than any other peer-reviewed technology today.

AI & MAchine Learning

The data contained in GRIFFIN’s Deep Genomics files exceed multiple gigabytes per sample. To identify possible patterns that signal cancer or other diseases, a new generation of genomics-based AI had to be developed. The GRIFFIN AI system combines customized feature engineering systems, classical machine learning algorithms and a new form of deep learning to deliver some of the most effective disease detection capabilities in modern medicine.

Griffin CORE

The vastly larger file sizes generated and used in GRIFFIN Deep Genomics required us to redesign the data infrastructure used in conventional sequencing. The GRIFFIN CORE is a proprietary software infrastructure that connects a new database system, improved signal processing and analytical tools to accelerate data processing by over 1,000X vs. conventional systems. Additionally, the GRIFFIN CORE integrates clinical, laboratory, genomics and meta-data into one seamless system, which reduces the time of analysis for each sample from multiple weeks to a few hours.

A new era of precision medicineo

Medical technology now allows for cancer to be detected in a patient’s blood through cell-free DNA (cfDNA). Quantgene has developed a method for Deep Human Genome sequencing which allows us to see mutational patterns of disease down to a single molecule. This means diseases like cancer can be detected far earlier than ever before.

The GRIFFIN Deep Genomics Platform enables us to profile cfDNA in a patient’s blood with near-absolute precision. This helps inform early cancer detection, prediction of disease onset as well as non-invasive treatment monitoring for longer healthier lives.

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