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Accurate, Affordable, Same-Day COVID-19 Testing for Businesses and Institutions
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A Robust and Flexible COVID-19 Testing Solutiono

Reserve test capacity across a number of service option

Full control of the test workflow for ultimate efficiency

The highest accuracy, CDC-recommended RT-PCR testing

Turnaround times within 24hrs at scale

Expert staff & white-glove service

Pushing the Liquid Biopsy Frontiero

DEEPGEN powered liquid biopsy offers dozens of different research applications across 5 clinical areas and 15 cancer types.

Deepgen Analyzes 258 genes identified to be related to cancero

The genes and mutations tested have been previously demonstrated to be involved in cancer. We identified this core spectrum of genes and mutations as the most likely candidates as biomarkers for the development and/or recurrence of cancer.

Software Purpose-Built for COVIDo

• Our Serenity software and portal system allow for efficient workflow and reduced timelines for test results

• The entire process is completely paperless and automated

• All aspects of the process go through the portal from intake, to check-in to delivery of results
• The portal can be customized as needed based on production specific process and needs

The Highest Standards in Test Quality and Accuracyo

• SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR diagnostic test for the detection of live virus (vs. rapid antigen)

• FDA EUA-approved, CDC and SAG-compliant

• 100% specificity and sensitivity historically confirmed in real-world operations across ~100,000 test

• Mid-nasal, nasopharyngeal and oral swab test formats available

CLIA-Certified Laboratory Headquartered in Santa Monicao

• Conveniently located CLIA-certified laboratory headquarters in Santa Monica, CA

• Fully staffed operating under the director of our laboratory director and CLS

• Able to process samples at scale.

The Highest Quality PCR Testing for Reliable Resultso

In accordance with CDC guidelines, we offer FDA EUA-certified nasopharyngeal PCR testing. In addition, we provide licensed and trained sample collection specialists to ensure tests are administered in accordance with CDC recommended methods. With accurate collection this test has been shown to deliver 99.9% sensitivity and specificity.

Testing Service Formats to Meet Your Needso

On-Site Testing Physical Lab
  • Sample collected on-site, processed at physical lab
  • Includes use of the Serenity software
  • Includes all collection and lab staff
  • Available in California, New York, Georgia
  • 2 week set up time
Test Processing
  • Samples delivered by client to lab
  • Includes use of the Serenity software
  • No staff resources, test coordination and processing only
  • Available in California, New York, Georgia
  • 2 week set-up time
On-Site Testing + Mobile Lab
  • Sample collected and processed on-site
  • Includes use of the Serenity software
  • Includes all collection and lab staff
  • 5K monthly minimum
  • Can be deployed in 30+ US states
  • 4-6 week set up time
VIP Concierge
  • Discrete and fast testing in/at home by RNs
  • Collected in-home, processed at lab
  • Available in California, New York, Georgia

A Process Designed for Efficiencyo

1. Advise on Your Specific Testing Needs (volume, frequency, mobile lab etc)
2. Work with our Concierge Team for Scheduling
3. Work with our Concierge Team for Scheduling
4. Quantgene Collection Specialists and/or Mobile Lab Unit Report On-Site
5. All Samples Are Collected and Logged
6. Samples Processed In Mobile Lab or at Laboratory
7. Results Delivered Quickly

Hear From Our Clients o

  • "Quantgene provided COVID-19 PCR testing for my feature film in Los Angeles. They sent their nurses and staff to our set three times a week, swabbed everyone quickly, and delivered the results by the next day. We were very happy with their work and I highly recommend them."

    Michael R. Williams, Line Producer
  • “Quantgene is by far the most competent, reliable, prepared, professional, easy to utilize, and thoroughly enjoyable company I found in my search of every COVID testing company in SoCal. I honestly would love anyone and everyone to be using their services, as we would be in a better place if that happened.”

    Zoe Dinerstein, Founder, ZD Concierge Services
  • “Avalon Malibu started working with Quantgene in August, 2020. Our licensing recommended we begin to test 10% of our staff every 2 weeks for COVID-19. Quantgene has been awesome thus far. They have been able to accommodate our ever changing time and dates for testing and we have always received the results within 24 hours. Their prices are better than any I have seen thus far! If I had to choose all over again, I would still choose Quantgene for our preventative testing.”

    Margaret Giuffre, Director of Compliance and Quality, Avalon Malibu
  • “We recently produced a live stream video that we needed to shoot with very little notice. The testing plan we had proposed exceeded our expectations and the same-day turnaround time was too appealing to pass up. Quantgene delivered on all of our expectations, and we were able to safely and successfully finish the shoot on time with no issues.”

    Marta Trapella, Head of Partnerships

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