The Leading Enterprise Solution

Quantgene offers vaccine tracking and remote monitored testing services to maximize enterprise compliance and simplify logistics.

The Leading Enterprise Solution

Quantgene offers vaccine tracking and remote monitored testing services to maximize enterprise compliance and simplify logistics.

Simplify COVID Compliance

State mandates are placing the burden of COVID safety on employers. Quantgene’s Enterprise program provides you a seamless and low-complexity solution for compliance. We offer vaccine validation and tracking services as well as remote monitored antigen testing for all unvaccinated staff. So you can stay focused on your business and minimize staff attrition.

A Single Solution to the COVID Chaos

Quantgene provides COVID testing in one, all-inclusive solution. We control every step of the tracking and testing process to ensure clinical-grade precision and accuracy.
Our heritage is in large-scale Hollywood productions for clients who cannot afford to fail. Which means we are well equipped to move quickly, fill gaps and exceed standards.

Options for Each Employee's Unique Needs

Vaccine Validation
Staff load proof of vaccination into our portal for trained Quantgene specialists to certify their proof of vaccination.
Vaccine Tracking
Staff clearance to be maintained in our portal system to allow staff work clearance. Update with booster status as needed ongoing.
Included with
At-Home Remote Monitored Testing
Staff receive at-home self-administered antigen tests weekly. They schedule monitoring appointments with Quantgene healthcare staff to monitor testing and certify test results to employer for work clearance.

One Central Enterprise Vaccine Portal

Quantgene’s Serenity portal is equipped to provide vaccine validation and tracking services. Staff upload their proof of vaccination to the portal to be reviewed and validated by our staff.

This status is then reflected for all staff as they report for work. This tool can also be used if additional booster or vaccine formats are required.

How Vaccine Tracking Works

Register Staff in Portal
Vaccine Questionnaire
Vaccine Certification by Quantgene
Daily Vaccine Tracking for Work Clearance

Add the Option of Certified At-Home Testing

Quantgene’s at-home antigen testing is the solution to offer your workforce weekly testing while minimizing logistics and costs.

We have a reserved stockpile of rapid antigen tests that can be easily deployed directly to your staff and remotely monitored by our health care professionals

How Remote Testing Works

Register Staff in Portal
Tests Delivered to Home
Schedule Monitoring
Monitored Collection Session
Results Certified by Monitor

Hear From Our Clients


Quantgene provided COVID-19 PCR testing for my feature film in Los Angeles. They sent their nurses and staff to our set three times a week, swabbed everyone quickly, and delivered the results by the next day. We were very happy with their work and I highly recommend them.”

Michael R. Williams, Line Producer


Quantgene is by far the most competent, reliable, prepared, professional, easy to utilize, and thoroughly enjoyable company I found in my search of every COVID testing company in SoCal. I honestly would love anyone and everyone to be using their services, as we would be in a better place if that happened.”

Zoe Dinerstein, Founder, ZD Concierge Services

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