Regular, routine cancer screening is not widely available in today’s medical practice. That means most cancers are diagnosed in later stages—when they’ve already spread in the body and when chances of survival are low.

We believe patients deserve better.

That’s why we are combining the power of advanced data sequencing and deep genomics.

At Quantgene, our mission is to save lives by catching cancer earlier than ever before—when treatment is most successful. From just one routine blood draw, we’ll be able to detect multiple forms of cancer down to the precision of a single molecule.


Quantgene’s QUANTUM ARRAY is the first fully-integrated technology stack that combines deep genomics and machine learning.

With one simple blood test, QUANTUM ARRAY executes rapid cfDNA sequencing to detect multiple forms of cancer down to a single molecule.

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Detecting cancer is only the start. That’s why we are developing a whole solution for patients and physicians.

Quantgene is a comprehensive clinical framework informed by oncologists, medical experts, and primary care physicians. In the event of a positive test result, our team of experts provides clinical recommendations to help bring clarity to the next steps in diagnosis.

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