The Quantgene Platform allows clinical researchers to investigate the mutational status of cell-free DNA in blood samples with single-molecule precision.

Pushing the frontier of clinical evidence generation, working with leading clinical and academic institutions

Our current academic and clinical partners help us advance the science and data behind our shared mission: to move medicine closer to a future in which your health is protected before diseases become life-threatening. If you are interested in an academic partnership with us, or if you would like to learn more and contribute to our ongoing clinical research, please contact us at:

Platform Partners

Platform Candidates

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Advancing the Scientific Frontier
of Cell-Free DNA Profiling

Quantgene supports clinical researchers who are interested in investigating the use of single-molecule
cell-free DNA profiling across a multitude of clinical conditions and applications, from early and recurrence detection to companion diagnostics and treatment decision support.

If you are interested in conducting a study within your field of clinical expertise, please send a short professional bio, as well as a brief grant letter outlining the background, methods, time plan, and budget of your project to:

The Quantgene clinical team continuously reviews grant proposals and will invite authors of winning grant letters to submit a full protocol.

Statistical Analytics and Machine Learning on Quantgene Deep Datasets

Quantgene also offers fellowships to outstanding statistical analytics and machine learning researchers who want to break new ground in pattern recognition and machine-enabled clinical diagnostics. Fellowships are awarded at the PhD candidate, PhD, and postdoc levels.

If you are interested in incorporating the world’s deepest cell-free DNA sequencing datasets into your research or publications, please send us a brief application letter including your resume, research interest, position, and institution to:

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Clinical Trials on
the Quantgene Platform

In combination with advanced pattern recognition technologies, the platform opens the path to early detection, tracking, and profiling across major clinical conditions with unprecedented precision. The table below displays some of the key areas we are exploring.