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About Us

At Quantgene, we are determined to push the frontier of preventive medicine by bringing together the best minds in quantitative analytics, bioinformatics, next-generation sequencing, laboratory operations, and clinical evidence generation. Decades of experience in each field have taught us that no single field can move us into the future on its own: Data science requires new, deeper data; sequencing technology needs optimal procedures, chemistry, and processing; and clinical trials need to be more strategically designed to meet the objectives of preventive medicine.

Quantgene advances its position as the technology leader in single-molecule, cell-free DNA profiling by continuously expanding its platform across the best clinical research sites in the world. The Quantgene platform allows every clinical researcher to use our new capabilities to conduct deep, comprehensive studies of cell-free DNA as the most effective biomarker across key disease categories.

Our objective is to build the foundation of a new, collaborative frontier of preventive medicine through single-molecule precision in disease detection, tracking, and profiling. With every sample processed on the Quantgene platform, we are closer to our mission: to protect your health with unrivaled precision and foresight.

The Quantgene Team:

Built and operated many of the largest genomic diagnostics labs in the U.S.

Led development of major NGS assays for industry leaders like Roche, Illumina, and others.

Developed clinical evidence generation studies for many of the largest and most innovative biotech firms in the U.S.

Combines quantitative analytics and machine learning talent from leading U.S. Universities and financial institutions.

Brings together clinical expertise from world-leading medical institutions, including the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospital of Geneva, Kettering Cancer Centers, and many others.

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The Quantgene
Leadership Team:


Jo Bhakdi

Founder And CEO

Monika E. Hagen, MD, MBA

Chief Medical Officer


Narmina Pasha

Vice President of Clinical Development and Operations

Michele Merritt


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Christina Curtis, PhD, MSc
Curtis Lab, Stanford University
Assistant Professor of Medicine and Genetics, Stanford University School of Medicine

Wes Donohoe
VP Product, OneMedical

Binoy K. Singh, MD, FACC
Associate Chief of Cardiology, Lennox Hill Hospital

Prof. Philippe Morel, MD
Chief of the Department of Surgery, University Hospital Geneva.
Director of Surgery at Centre Romand de Transplantation (CURT)

Anne Freund, MD
Surgeon and Partner at CODE Frankfurt Concierge Physician, Frankfurt, Germany

Mathew Moore, PhD
Principal and Co-Founder of ResearchDx

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